YouTube Algorithm 2018 – Suggested Videos (3/7)

Today in my continuing series on deep
diving into the YouTube 2018 Algorithm. We’re going to look at suggested videos. How it affects you and how you can get involved. Here we go! Hello and welcome back to another video.
Now if you’re new around here and you’re looking to start a YouTube channel, grow
your YouTube channel or push your brand out there into the second largest search
engine on the Internet. Click subscribe, START CREATING! Now, YouTube suggested videos are those things on the right-hand side of your video. That you see all the time. Every time you watch a video whether you are a
creator or a viewer there’s always something in the right-hand column
tempting you. It’s the next thing in the playlist. Something related or something
that you’ve kind of dabbled upon. So say for example you’ve watched football and
then you’ve gone to watch a Philip Defranco video, there might be other
football videos there because that’s your search and view history. Now before I deep dive into the topic of YouTube suggested videos, and how you can manipulate those
or how they help you. I want to know if you’ve got any suggested video ideas.
Basically have you ever had a video that suggested against your video that seems
to have driven traffic to you or you’ve appeared against another video that
seems to have got you a traffic boost. Have you looked at your YouTube
algorithm analytics in the analytics page to see where your traffic is coming
from? Please leave a comment down below. Now YouTube suggested videos or videos that are being suggested to you based on your previous metadata and the YouTube
algorithm crunching through your data. So once again if you watch a load of Amy
Schmittauer and then a load of Derral Eves, they understand that you’re
looking for YouTube educators, like me, and my face might pop up! Now these suggestions show up on the right-hand side of your video underneath the video
if you’re on mobile device or in the next up to play section on the autoplay.
You know so once again there’s my face it might auto play my last video or if
I’m talking about Roberto Blake it might play a Roberto Blake video. Now what can you do to influence that suggested box to get your video in there?
Now consider a strong call to action! Now what this happens to be is you telling them to go
and click on another one of your videos. Or there’s a little card up here go and
have a look at that one because what that does is it teaches YouTube that
they watched this video and then most people went to that video so this and
that video is related, there might be connected or if they’re in a playlist
together just like this one is then goes ours it makes sense to watch
episode 3 and then episode 4 and 5. Rather than episode 3 and then go and
watch Breaking Bad episode 6, and then Game of Thrones episode 9. Teach the YouTube Algorithm in 2018 what you need it to do! You can also teach the YouTube Algorithm for 2018 with cards or by endscreen little video blocks. You know at the end of this video there’s always like videos here. That I go and suggest you to go on
go and watch or within a video I kind of tag it here or even in the
description down below. I ask you a question like and we’ll watch this this
is related go and watch that that is related Or, you’ve landed in one of my
playlists and once again it auto plays for you. that’s good for me and that’s
good for you because you get guided to the next one that helped you and for me
it teaches the YouTube Algorithm, if they watch this then that is next. Just like going to Amazon buying some wellies and it thinks that you’re into a festival and
it might suggest a poncho. It’s almost like cognitive behavioral therapy for YouTube. If you teach them it over and over and over again. Sooner or later it will assume that that’s what it needs to do. So hopefully that makes you
understand the YouTube algorithm in 2018 and suggested videos. Now this is part of a YouTube Algorithm 2018 playlist.
There is a link up here and the description down below to continue
watching these. Subscribe for more of these videos hit that notification so
you don’t miss the next one of the wonderful miniseries. Go out there, START CREATING!

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  • Alan Spicer says:

    Have you have any luck with suggested videos? Do you check your analytics?

    #PLAYLIST – Watch the FULL YouTube Algorithm Series Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9Gi36MQ5FU&list=PL09mwoOn57VScDpAERAp8R9QjXYvrvNU9

  • BookMattic says:

    Hey Alan, I’m new to YouTube and trying to build my channel. Your video is very useful and has a few useful takeaways. Thanks for your help.

  • The Photo Show says:

    The majority of my views are from suggested videos, is that better than them being from searched videos?

  • Daniyal Khan Tareen says:

    Suggested videos were my primary source, but from past month I'm not getting those views, i used to get 600-700 views in 1-2 days but now I'm not getting even 100 after a month. I've heard that there's been an update on the suggested videos, but don't know what, it almost killed my channel.

  • SmackNPie says:

    i instantly subbed you and now been watching your videos for HOURS!
    there's hardly someone' else's video in the suggestion tab because your videos covering the entire suggestion area (since i watched your few videos completely , it must've triggered algorithm)
    Keep up the good work

  • vinnie harris says:

    I learn so much from your videos Alan. And your message of start creating is ace.

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